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Our next development was in the laundry room. We created a custom countertop all with eco-friendly materials in fanciful turquoise design. This now serves as a laundry countertop which is waterproof and scorch resistant.  Most every area in the house was touched with a decorative wall treatment giving a custom feel for the entire family.  

Fortunately, when the project was finally completed, we were able to return to the dedication event a few months later along with eco-friendly activist and movie star, Ed Begley Jr and his wife!

It was a fantastic gala event and the bonus was being able to be part of a project that involved many other of our colleagues from across the country.

Thank you again HGTV!

This wonderful design show not only captures the transformation of a house renovation, but tackles a new project with a special twist. A renovation project in a suburb of Washington D.C. needed more than just standard materials. They wanted a green design for their renovation.  

So we packed our bags from our home base in the Midwest and traveled to the east coast to assist in this wonderful family’s monumental project.  Of course, it was not without its hiccups. After months of planning and preparation, when arriving, the project was months behind. The furnace was not functioning yet and half the walls were not even up. However, we bundled up and applied our designs to the areas that were ready for us.

First up, was the library. For this area we created an eco-friendly hand made, hand painted paper treatment, (2nd row left) applied seamlessly to the walls.  Special note of thanks to the donated materials from Vahallan papers.

HGTV’s My Big Amazing Renovation goes green in the Washington D.C. Area. Liquid Art Design gets to help along with a special celebrity guest.

“Man-Cave Madness” is here!

We know that sometimes us of the male gender can be a bit put off by decorating in general. However, when it comes to a male’s special place in the home, we know we want it perfect.

We feature a number of finishes that fit under our “Man-Cave Madness” special.

Designs and textures that are 100% froo-froo free!

If it’s for a bar area, basement, game room, garage, study, or media room, we’re sure these finishes will fit.

Designed by a man, for a man, and yet, will not be objectionable to the lady of the house.

To complement the custom terrazzo floor, poured to look like an ice rink, (complete with Blackawks logo), we designed a similar look to the wall behind the reception desk.  A multi-colored Italian plaster was used to make the same ‘Ice’ effect. This also solved a weight issue of applying real marble on a vertical surface. The surface was then sealed and polished to that fresh Zamboni-ed shine!

Accent areas were then designed using a hand made, hand painted paper.  Black with a light gold sparkle, and a custom charcoal red to match the team’s jersey color were made.  These were applied in accented areas around the media wall, doorway, and reception area wall. All done seamless, and everything of course was created using eco-friendly materials.

We just hope a new Championship season will follow!

When ownership of the Chicago Blackhawks changed recently, the organization made sweeping changes. From the makeup of the team, to how games are broadcasted. And of course, a big tune up was given to the team’s image.

While touting the title of ‘the most recognizable logo in the NHL”,  that was not very evident in its front office showing. With GM Designs interior design firm spearheading the design project, we at Liquid Art Design worked hand in hand to put together some custom finishes for this now championship team.

New furniture, reception desk, and media was an instant change, but the ‘wow’ factor was still needed.

Stanley Cup Champions, the Chicago Blackhawks, made lots of changes on their road to the top. Liquid Art Design was there to help.

Consider cement countertops with your favorite logo on it, or even a bar top that glows in the dark! Wall finishes that resemble hammered metal, iron, or leather. A manly room make-over also is a great gift.

Ask to see our special “Man-Cave” finishes for the male in your life.

”Opulence” is here!

We are happy to announce our new designer finish line called “Opulence”. These finishes incorporate micro glass beads, mica flake, glitter, THE WHOLE MAGILLA!.

A beautiful, seamless finish is created that catches light from every angle and sparkles. You can now truly have your walls look like jewelry. We currently feature a dozen stunning color designs but of course, we can make any custom configuration you like. A design this breathtaking can be featured in niches, powder rooms, or as part of other design features. Schedule a consultation to see these new finishes up close to truly appreciate their sparkle. See more here