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Decorative finishes have been around for a long time. And application styles seem to be without end. We offer a vast

array of decorative finishes from smooth to heavily textured. And in any color combination you desire. And again, we feature products that provide uncompromising durability. There is no mess and little or no smell with our eco-friendly material usage. Many of the finishes created can be repaired as well. Designs can be created to reflect any taste, any decorating style.  From eclectic to ultra modern.

Commercial Areas

Don’t think that faux is just for the home. Custom finishes and specialized color choices can help improve productivity for businesses. Your clients will feel more relaxed and have a more enjoyable experience too.

What we provide:

Below you will see just a few samples of different finishes that can be designed for your favorite space. And below that, a selection of newly developed designs.

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Faux Finishes

The “Opulence” Designer Finish Line

A brand new custom finish line incorporates glass beads, glitter, mica flake, and other glitzy elements to make your walls truly look like jewelry. And of course, custom colorations are available.