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Custom Plasters

Natural Lime Plasters

I call them our "Chaux-Stopper" finishes. You may call them 'WoW!" when you see them. What are they? 'Chaux' is french for the substance leftover when lime is processed. And that's what our pure lime plasters are. Pure slaked and aged natural materials to give your area an authentic look. Our designs don't just look like marble, they are made with it! Our Natural Plasters are 100% solvent FREE and we have varieties such as Venetian, Marmorino, Coccio Pesto, and many others.

We feature:

Our plaster finishes can be designed with all kinds of effects and colorations. Beautiful one-of-a-kind metallics or multi-color applications can be designed just for your project. We feature traditional plasters and natural fiber plasters.

Natural Fiber Plasters

Some say it’s “like wrapping your room up in a robe”. Made from cotton and silk fiber, this is an all natural finish unlike any other. Colored to your specifications and designed with added mica, plant fiber, and dyes. This finish is also functional. It will insulate, absorb sound, and is easily repairable. Apply anywhere, even in bathrooms. It will absorb and also release excess humidity, but will not mold or peel. And this is another finish we offer that is completely removable. Think about decorative applications for spas, massage room, closets, changing areas, home theaters, basements, living rooms, or anywhere you want a natural finish.