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Hand Painted, Paper Wall Treatments

We are happy to provide an exciting development in the decorative finishing field: Hand made, hand painted paper wall treatments. We like to think of it as the “All in One” faux finish. This specific finish provides a wonderful texture, all on a repairable, and removable substrate. No painting is done at all in your home or business so it is low-impact on you and/or your clients.  This is a design application that is different than anything else. We use eco-friendly materials and unlike standard wallpaper, an application can be done without vertical seams! Though custom designs are made to order, you can browse through over 150+ current designs in our portfolio.

Now offering many designs on a non-woven, wide goods substrate for increased durability specifically for commercial applications.

These offer more texture, even designs that utilize cork!

We also have a variety of accents and texture styles. These range from gold fleck and silver burnish to plating and leafing.

Don’t forget to ask about designs done on a special featured Black Reserve paper.

These designs represent the dark, rich colors of Old World elegance.  Beautiful black tear lines accent these paper colors and create an incredible contrast and detail unmatched by other papers. Truly different from the rest.

We also feature a number of textured design treatments. More than just having a crinkle, these designs have added raised relief texture to them.