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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do you offer a guarantee/warranty for your finishes?

A: Yes, I'm so confident in the quality of finishes that I create that I offer a 1 year warranty (labor) on some finishes. Product guarantees can extend over 20 years.

Q: What is the difference between Liquid Art Design and other so-called faux finishers?

A: (Where do I start?) We have the experience and the know how to create your special design with the highest quality materials.  Creating finishes from the subtle to the complex and exotic is what we specialize in.  Even certain designs we offer, other contractors can't duplicate (try as they might). Our service and attention to detail is also a main focus.  

Q: I have new furniture and/or draperies that I would love to match the color of my walls to. Am I limited to the colors that your finishes come in?

A: We consider ourselves experts with color matching. We can adjust and change any finish to the color range that you want.  That's why every finish we do is a one-of-a-kind.

Q: What about my furniture? Will you move it for me?

A: No, not really. Small items are usually no problem. But with insurance concerns we prefer you move the big stuff yourself.  (Especially that priceless Lladro collection)  We only need things about 4 ft. away from the wall.

Q: What kind of paints do you use?

A:  Many of our finishing products aren't really paint. But usually we use paints for our base coating or other non-finish work you may want. Insisting on using the highest quality paints made in this country, we use:

C2 & C2 LoVo

California Paints

Sherwin Williams Green Sure Certified Paints

Benjamin Moore

Q: Can I paint the walls and then have Liquid Art Design do the finishes so I can cut costs?

A: Sorry again, but the answer is no. The type of products we use in our finishes require us to use certain products and paints for the base work. Some basecoats we use aren't even technically 'paint'.  So to ensure a high quality finish that we can guarantee, we do the base work.

Q: Will there be a smell and a mess?

A: I like to treat a home the way I treat mine.  That's why each day we do a clean up of our prepped and masked areas. All products have some odor to them. However, all the products we use have no toxic fumes to them and the slight odor tends to dissipate within a few hours.  We can however, add potpourri scents to many paint products for you.  

Q: I'm very "eco-conscious". Do you offer any eco-friendly materials in your finish creations?

A: You can probably tell by now that that is exactly what we feature. We can design an entire design scheme using eco-friendly products. All our products are low in VOC content, many are 100% VOC Free. Even your painted surfaces can be done with 'green' paint products that we use.  

Q: I know a lot of companies that offer free estimates. How come you charge for yours?

A: That's because of what we offer you. When we come out, it's for a consultation, not just an estimate where the walls are measured.  We look at the areas, discuss ideas, design, colors, and finish options.  And even though there is an up front charge, that charge is refunded to you when you contract the work.  So it actually is free.

Q: What happens after the consultation?

A: After the consultation you'll receive a detailed proposal outlining choices, options, and prices discussed during the consultation.  If you'd like to hire us, just let us know.  After returning our contract with a deposit, we'll start right away scheduling the work and making sample designs for you to approve.

Q: So how much do your finishes cost?

A: Each project is priced differently. Aside from the square footage of a room, other variables such as: surface type/condition, obstacles, height, ceiling work, & complexity of a finish, all play a part in the price.  

     Even though we can't quote you a price on the phone or, even on the consultation, we will give you an idea of what certain finishes generally cost per square foot.  Currently our finishes start at $2.60 per sq. ft.    *call for details