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Cement Counters & Floors

Fantastic for any surface but especially great for counter and sink tops.

We use high quality cement and architectural overlay products right onto the surface. Engineered to go directly over laminate, marble, granite, drywall, wood, and concrete. You know you have some old, ugly laminate somewhere. We can transform it!

The surface we create can replicate most ANY granite, marble, onyx, or other precious stone at a fraction of the cost. Plus, the materials used are eco-friendly. Our industrial strength epoxy topcoat is 0 VOC and safe for food handling. Everything is exterior rated as well. Great for outside grill and bar areas.

Durability? How's 3x's harder than cement and more durable than granite sound? Yes, our materials have flexibility and tensile strength where granite does not.  Wondering about the heat? Our tops have a 500 degree heat rating and scratches in most cases can even be repaired.

Why spend the time going to stone yard after stone yard trying to find the perfect piece, then waiting for up to 4 months for it to arrive?

Once you get granite installed, if you don't like the coloring or veins, there is nothing that can be done. Our systems are custom colored to your scheme and comes to completion in a few days.

And don't forget about thickness and profiles, all big extra UP-CHARGES with stone purchases. You pay for the thickness of the whole slab even though you won't be using the complete slab.

NOT the case with our overlays. These tops are a far better value than custom stone. Custom edges and profiles can also be duplicated.